Extraction and minor surgery

  • Extraction is required when a tooth cannot be saved.
  • We at SmileSense Dental Clinic, try our best to save the tooth, rather than remove it. Even then, if the tooth needs to be removed, we will do it in the most painless manner.
Will I need to take antibiotics?
  • Mostly yes, especially if the tooth or gum is infected.
Do you require medical check-up before extraction?
  • Usually a through medical check is not essential for every patient. At SmileSense Dental Clinic, we may perform Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar test before extraction for your safety.
  • If you are under medical supervision for any medical problems, you may be required to consult your physicians for fitness to undergo a extraction. Please let your dentist know about any medical history you have.
I have pain from Wisdom teeth. Does it need to be extracted?
  • If your wisdom tooth is impacted (Not fully erupted), it will require extraction. Usually all the four wisdom teeth, if impacted are removed. This procedure can be done in chair, in two sitting under local anaesthesia or in a single sitting in a hospital under general anaesthesia.
Will it be painful?
  • No. It is done under local anaesthesia and hence won’t be painful.
How long will it take to heal?
  • The gums will heal in a week. The bone underneath will take around 6 weeks.


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