correct age for dental braces or orthodontic treatment

Correct age for dental braces

Parents who see their child with crooked teeth will always wonder about the correct age for dental braces.

I would say, there is no minimum age. If you feel your child may require braces, bring him/her in for a consultation. With jaw bones growing and permanent teeth erupting, the child may look like she requires braces.

Age of 6-7, when the first permanent teeth erupt, is usually the preferred time for a orthodontic (braces) consultation. Most of the children won’t require any intervention (treatment) at that age. Some may be given removable appliances, to help the teeth and jaw grow in a more orderly manner, thereby avoiding lengthy braces treatment later on.

Age of 12-13 will be the most common age for start of dental braces. This is the time when all the milk teeth have shed and all the permanent (except third molars) have erupted. Your orthodontist will ask your child to start braces treatment at this age for the best results.

The most common question I am asked by adults when I tell them they will require braces is, ‘Is it possible at this age?’ There is NO maximum age for braces. 1 in every 5 orthodontic patient is above 18 years of age.

The best time for your child to start and complete her orthodontic treatment is in her teens. Most of her classmates are having braces and she will not stand out for wearing one. Braces require monthly visits which is possible at this age and becomes more difficult as college and pressures of career take over.

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