Corona Virus (COVID-19) & Dental Treatments

Corona VIrus (COVID-19) & Dental Treatments

Covid Virus is a highly contagious virus. It spreads by human to human contact.

As per current medical and government guidelines any dental procedure which is not an emergency is better avoided.


When can you see a dentist?

  • If you have a dental emergency, like pain, swelling, broken teeth etc.
  • Follow up appointments – If the pain or swelling has not subsided, or has increased.

You can first try to contact your dentist over phone with the problem and seek an advice. 

Avoid seeing a dentist when you:

  • Want a regular cleaning done.
  • Want Braces treatment.
  • Want Smile correction treatments.
  • Want Replacement of missing teeth.

Most dental treatments may be postponed for a date in the future once the government gives a all clear. 

Precautions while visiting a dentist

Once you know there is no way other than visiting a dentist, don’t worry. Your dentist too would have taken precautions and will guide you through any doubts. 

Follow the following instructions:

  • Make an appointment. You don’t want to walk-in to a crowded waiting room.
  • Go alone or with 1 person accompanying you. Lesser the people in the waiting room, better for everyone.
  • If you have cough, fever or any symptoms of flu, please declare at the front office.
  • Avoid touching any surface. Carry a sanitizer or ask for the washroom to wash your hands if you do.

Do not insist on treatment to be done immediately, if your dentist suggests otherwise. 

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