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Bad Breath – Can it be cured?

Bad breath can be cured!

There are multiple reasons for bad breath and most of them if not all can be treated successfully.

Here is a list of the most common reasons and their treatments:

  1. Plaque & calculus – Treatment is scaling or cleaning of teeth and gums.
  2. Cavity in the tooth – Filling or RCT of the tooth.
  3. Coated tongue – Cleaning the tongue using a tongue scrapper or brush.
  4. Smoking, alcohol or gutkha/paan consumption – Stopping the habit 🙂
  5. Ulcers in the mouth
  6. Dry mouth – Sip water regularly, chew sugar-free gums.

If all the above conditions are ruled out by your dentist you have problems of sinus, tonsillitis or other problems with stomach and intestines. For corrections of these issues you have to consult an ENT specialist or a gastro-enterologist.

Can you try something before you visit your dentist?

Definitely. Use a new soft brush, brush twice daily, use a tongue cleaner. You may also use a non-alcohol based chlorhexidine mouth-rinse (water based ones are less irritating, alcohol based ones may even cause burns) for a week. Follow the instructions given on the bottle. If the problem persists or becomes worse, it’s time to fix an appointment with your dentist.

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