5 Worst food for Teeth

Top 5 worst food for teeth are just the most important categories of food that you should definitely avoid.

1. Carbonated sugary drinks

Your cola, even the diet ones is acidic in nature and can erode your teeth. Sugar contained in your drink is also harmful for your teeth as it provides nutrients for the bacteria in your mouth.

carbonated sugary drinks

2. Sticky food

Sticky food in general is bad for your teeth. Biscuits, cookies, bread and chips are all crunchy and sticky in nature. They are also high in sugar. They stick to the teeth and provide a source of nutrients to the bacteria acting on your teeth.

If food is sticking to your teeth, rinse and if that doesn’t help brush your teeth.

Sticky food

3. Tea & Coffee

Tea and coffee if drunk in excess can cause staining. Also as it is acidic in nature, it can cause erosion of teeth.

Limit your intake of tea and coffee to maximum 2 cups a day and always rinse your mouth after drinking tea and coffee.

tea and coffee

4. Citric fruits and juice

Citric fruits and juices like lemon and oranges should be had but in limited amounts as the acidity in these fruits can harm your teeth. If you have mouth ulcers, they can be very irritating too.

Even pickles can cause harm due to it’s acidic nature.

citric fruits and juice

5. Hard food

Some of us like to bite on ice. It can damage your enamel and even fracture your teeth. Similarly eating bone like hard food should also be avoided.

hard food
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